guild screen shot

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Raid attendance:

Haman, Valcourt, Ginzburg, Shyanda, Makasi, Dadhyanc, Kangexx, Jokyr, Norgallys, Rootrooster, Lanrefni, Sito, Magiskull, Olaedra, Fybbs, Inbev, Chubbseh, Brehon, Patamon, Archdamon, Syrophenikan

Well done guys, on to repeat kills, and Mythics :)

Merbear Congrats!!
Ghostti a Congrats all!
Syrophenikan Hell yeah!

Get ready for flying, new artifact traits and skins, new solo content, new everything!

Heroic Xavius went down with 2 pulls on our first dedicated night to learning the encounter! Congrats to all who were there for the kill as well as all who helped us clear through Emerald Nightmare.

Haman, Jokyr, Valcourt, Kangexx, Sonju, Bullimas, Maul, Norgallys, Rootrooster, Lanrefni, Sito, Deamp, Harvax, Olaedra, Fybbs, Inbev, Chubbseh, Archtotem, Brehon, Patamonn, Nezerillia, Syrophenikan, Ginzburg, Makasi, Dadhyanc, Ghostti, Uspies

Ghostti a What makes that perfect is he did take a dirt nap towards the end of the kill.
Syrophenikan Snuffles is with us in memory, we'll never forget his sacrifice.

Prime Raiding kicks off on October 4th in heroic Emerald Nightmare. We will also do exploratory raids into normal mode that are less formal to get things going, to experiement with the fights, and to get back into the rhythm of raiding again.

Check out the Prime sub forum for more details.

Legion is Up!

Syrophenikan posted Aug 30, 16

Login and play, tons of people online for the new expac!

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