Guild Policies


Ars Brute Squad Guild Policies

Mission Statement

Ars Brute Squad is intended to provide a fun, mature, and mutually respectful environment for all Arsian WoW players. We view our sense of community to be our binding principle; we aim to instill as much joy in playing with our guildmates as we derive from playing individually. While we cannot support every play style, we attempt to provide an inclusive and entertaining play experience for all.


Guild policies are subject to change at any time and without notice. The Guild Master(s) may, at their discretion, make exceptions to these policies. In situations not covered by listed policies, the decision of the Officer(s) and/or Guild Master(s) will prevail.


Ars Brute Squad is an open and accepting community for people from all walks of life. All members are also expected to conduct themselves in a mature and respectful behavior. Behavior considered disrespectful, discriminatory, or hateful will not be tolerated.

Members are not permitted to allow third parties to play their guilded characters.

Members banned from ArsTechnica, ArsClan, or any other Ars related entity may be removed from guild at the leadership’s discretion.

Members are expected to abide by all provisions of the Blizzard Terms of Service and User Licensing Agreement.

Players violating the policies will find themselves subject to sanctions, up to and including removal from the guild. This policy is intentionally left vague, so as to allow Officers and Guild Masters to exert their best discretion.

Issues with leadership decisions, policies, or other members should be raised to an Officer or Guild Master via private channels such as in-game mail, whisper, email, or board private messages.


All members in good standing of ArsClan or ArsTechnica are eligible to join the guild. Members with 3 months or more of tenure on the board will be invited in as Brutes while those with less than that will receive Recruit rank.

Brutes may only vouch for real-life friends, family, and co-workers to gain entry to the guild as a Recruit. During this probationary period, the vouching brute will be held responsible for the conduct of the Recruit. Leadership reserves the right to limit the number of vouches made by any given member.

Leadership reserves the right to deny a guild invite to any character for any reason, including, but not limited to, inappropriate character name, past behavior in guild, reputation, or presumed motivations. Characters with names that utilize extended-ASCII characters will not be granted invites to the guild. Recruits must change their name to remove these characters at the earliest point possible.

All player seeking entrance into the guild must post in the ‘Invite’ forum and follow the directions therein to gain admittance.


Ars Brute Squad has opened its ranks to recruits. Guild members, rank Brute and above, may recommend a recruit similarly to how they may vouch for friends. Acceptance as a recruit is contingent on completion of the application form and a Discord interview with an officer.

Acceptance as a recruit begins the probationary period. This will last at least one month, during which the leadership expects the recruit to be active in game and on the forums, using the calendar to sign up for events. Which is not to say the recruit is expected to become an extrovert, merely to see and be seen by the guild he or she wishes to join. But note: bad behavior will have consequences. The first disciplinary review (triggered by complaints by full guild members) resets the probationary period, the second ends it.


Recruits are probationary members of the guild, invited by full members. They are considered for full membership by virtue of their attitude, integration into the guild, and acceptance of guild principles.

Brutes are full members of the guild, due to either promotion from Recruit or existing membership in the Ars community.

Brutes with authenticators attached to their account will be promoted to Authentic Brute. This will permit access to some guild bank tabs.

Veterans are guild members who have been recognized for their long service to the guild. This prestigious rank comes with extra bank privileges, and guild invite permissions. Many help with gathering/making supplies for the raids, running and discussing combat logs, and helping with theorycrafting/boss strategy.

Officers are the leaders of the guild and the cabinet to the Guild Masters. They provide guild invites to eligible people and assist with the creation of guild policy/direction. Officers evaluate Recruits suitability for promotion to Brute. They also function as agents of mediation, dispute resolution, and feedback regarding all guild policies, actions, and activities. Many also function as Raid Leaders. The current Officers are Haman, Sindarian and Phibby.

The Guild Master(s) are the lead officers of the guild and have the final say in any guild decision. They are responsible for enacting sanctions on guild members if appropriate. The current Guild Masters are Valcourt and Sito.

Guild Activities

All members of the guild are eligible to participate in sanctioned guild events.

Some events may require various character levels, experience, gear, or other qualities, both tangible and intangible. As such, some events may exclude those characters or players not meeting those requirements. Please see the leader of the event or an appropriate thread/FAQ for more information.

Events not designated as ‘official’ or ‘guild’ events are outside the control of the leadership and as such may not be open to all. Issues arising as a result of such events should be handled within the structure of those groups except in situations violating other guild policies.

Guild Resources

Ars Brute Squad makes available certain resources for its membership, including a website, event scheduling mechanisms, forums, and a VOIP server. These resources are for the exclusive use of its members. Misuse of these resources may result in individual bans or removal from guild.

Providing VOIP server information to non-guildies is not allowed without prior permission from a GM.

Events scheduled via provided resources are for guild members only, including non-guilded toons of guild members. Reserving slots in such events for non-guildies, friends, pubbies, etc may result in the deletion of the event and other sanctions. Exceptions may be granted by a GM.

Guild Bank

The guild bank is provided for exclusive use of ABS members. It is stocked via member contributions. Persons removing items from the bank are expected to contribute back in some manner.

All withdrawals are intended for use; materials and items may not be sold for gold or other personal gain.

Deposits should be placed in the appropriate tab, taking care to keep the bank organized for the benefit of all. Depositing an excess of items already present in the bank is discouraged.

Access is restricted to Brutes or higher with authenticators on their accounts. Members without authenticators may ask an Officer or GM to retrieve bank items for them.

Some tabs may be designated towards special purposes such as guild-sanctioned raiding. Access to these will be restricted as appropriate.

Guild Bank gold will be used for purchasing of in-demand items, consumables, or exceptional values from the Auction House for active guild needs.