Raiders: Haman, Gentledraft, Makasi, Phatty, Shyanda, Icon, Sindarian, Deeps, Sean, Phybbs, Barebone, Adinaril, Archsentinel, Rakmar, Lanrefni, Olaedra, Manmower, Brehon, Sito, Deamp, Chubbtotems, Magiskull

Archsentinel Link to kill video: (actually link to the the whole raid, time code is setup fo...

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Ghostti a Donation drive complete! Thanks for all who contributed.

ABS Kill

ABS has downed heroic Argus the Unmaker.  Thank you all for the hard work and perseverance.  What a fun fight!

You can watch the kill video here on YouTube

Raid attendance (in no particular order): Haman, Valcourt, Phybbs, Ginzburg, Entrails, Makasi, Icon, Abillidin, Dadhyanc, Sindarian, Tannix, Olaedra, Brehon, Rootrooster, Kangexx, Lanrefni, Archdamon, Barebone, Sito, Rakmar.

Heroic Kil'jaeden down!

Valcourt posted Sep 19, 17

ABS has downed Heroic Kil'jaeden!

Thanks for all the hard work folks!  This is a big achievement!

Raid attendance: Haman, Valcourt, Makasi, Sindarian, Dadhyanc, Archdamon, Inbev, Patamon, Rootrooster, Jokyr, Sito, Brehon, Lanrefni, Phybbs, Olaedra, Barebone, Gnomehuntr, Kangexx, and Kaesden

Patamon I was there too! I'm standing front and center in the photo!
Snuffles We should mandate use of Hand of A'dal next time.

ABS is Recruiting!

Syrophenikan posted May 4, 17

With heroic cleared and 1/10 down in mythic Nighthold, ABS is looking to add a few more players to our roster. Currently, we're only looking for DPS, but our roster is pretty well balanced. Any DPS will do.

Please fill out an app here,

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