Prime Raiding kicks off on October 4th in heroic Emerald Nightmare. We will also do exploratory raids into normal mode that are less formal to get things going, to experiement with the fights, and to get back into the rhythm of raiding again.

Check out the Prime sub forum for more details.

Legion is Up!

Syrophenikan posted Aug 30, 16

Login and play, tons of people online for the new expac!

It's almost time for Legion to come out (August 30th). Before we get to that, we will have to try stopping the Legion Invasion of Azeroth. 

Wowhead has thier Guide to the Legion Prelaunch Event and Invasions up and ready.

For those people that have Pre-ordered the digital copy of Legion, will get access to make thier Demon Hunters on the 9th.

Demon Hunters will have Tank (Vengence) and Melee DPS (Havoc) specs. has their Vengeance Guide and Havoc Guide up now as well.

So time to finish those preperations, and we will see you in game!

Wow, it's been ten whole years since AndyFatBastard and I started ABS. Ten years later, it's still going strong with a ton of people playing and looking forward to Legion.

ABS would not be where it is today without you, the players. Thank you.

Let's hope the next ten years are just as amazing.

Silverjedi Sweet Big Butter Jesus....... 10 years. Cheers to everyone you magnificent bastards.
Marclah Damn I feel old now. Been a great decade, made friends, saw them get married, saw them (including me) have babies, and l...

Unless you've lived under a rock lately, the prepatch for Legion is now here. Plenty of people are back playing again, doing transmog runs of previous tiers, and a lot of other prep for Legion.

Also, some raids are being put together for testing out class changes in HFC! These raids will be done on our normal raid nights, so feel free to sign up for Prime raids in the calendar.

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