Heroic Kil'jaeden down!

Valcourt posted Sep 19, 17

ABS has downed Heroic Kil'jaeden!

Thanks for all the hard work folks!  This is a big achievement!

Raid attendance: Haman, Valcourt, Makasi, Sindarian, Dadhyanc, Archdamon, Inbev, Patamon, Rootrooster, Jokyr, Sito, Brehon, Lanrefni, Phybbs, Olaedra, Barebone, Gnomehuntr, Kangexx, and Kaesden

Patamon I was there too! I'm standing front and center in the photo!
Snuffles We should mandate use of Hand of A'dal next time.

With heroic cleared and 1/10 down in mythic Nighthold, ABS is looking to add a few more players to our roster. Currently, we're only looking for DPS, but our roster is pretty well balanced. Any DPS will do except paladins.

For existing members, if you refer a player that winds up raiding, you will receive one month time card! Have potentials fill out an app here, and mention your name to get that bonus.

guild screen shot

(full size here)

Raid attendance:

Haman, Valcourt, Ginzburg, Shyanda, Makasi, Dadhyanc, Kangexx, Jokyr, Norgallys, Rootrooster, Lanrefni, Sito, Magiskull, Olaedra, Fybbs, Inbev, Chubbseh, Brehon, Patamon, Archdamon, Syrophenikan

Well done guys, on to repeat kills, and Mythics :)

Merbear Congrats!!
Ghostti ao Congrats all!
Syrophenikan Hell yeah!

Get ready for flying, new artifact traits and skins, new solo content, new everything!

Heroic Xavius went down with 2 pulls on our first dedicated night to learning the encounter! Congrats to all who were there for the kill as well as all who helped us clear through Emerald Nightmare.

Haman, Jokyr, Valcourt, Kangexx, Sonju, Bullimas, Maul, Norgallys, Rootrooster, Lanrefni, Sito, Deamp, Harvax, Olaedra, Fybbs, Inbev, Chubbseh, Archtotem, Brehon, Patamonn, Nezerillia, Syrophenikan, Ginzburg, Makasi, Dadhyanc, Ghostti, Uspies

Ghostti ao What makes that perfect is he did take a dirt nap towards the end of the kill.
Syrophenikan Snuffles is with us in memory, we'll never forget his sacrifice.
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