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Ars Brute Squad is a World of Warcraft guild affiliated with the Ars Technica community. For more information, please see our Guild Policies.
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Published May 15, 2015

ABS is Recruiting!

Ghostti a posted May 13, 15

We had some real life events pull people away from the game and suddenly we don't have enough folks for mythic raiding. If you are interested in progression raiding and are looking for a place to do it, make sure to fill out an application if you are new to the guild.

We are looking for players who excel at DPS. Our class balance is fairly even but we could use Rogues, Mages, and Death Knights the most.

Blackhand Defeated!

Ghostti a posted Apr 21, 15

Blackhand has been defeated on heroic difficulty! Thanks to all who stuck with us during a difficult night of wipes. Prime now moves into mythic bosses starting next raid.

Pictured above: Syro, Valcourt, Dadhyanc, Garum, Beltt, Sunchip, Inbev, Bloodpayne, Qwertasd, Ghosti, Entrails, Haman, Shyanda, Phybbs, Makasi, Ourobir, and Sito.

Katertots Grats guys! That's awesome!

Ahead of the Curve!

Ghostti a posted Jan 19, 15

Another milestone for our Prime raid: Heroic Highmaul has been cleared! Shout out to Wildkarde for joining us for our final attempts and the kill even though he had the flu!

Pictured above: Brehon, Sunchip, Wildkarde, Garum, Syro, Haman, Damaci, Inbev, Bloodpayne, Fybbs, Deamp, Entrails, Rakmar, Sito, Sniperwolf, Fragilex, Valcourt, Pradnil, Ghosti, Makasi, Krunkster, Shyanda, and Ourobir.

Belt Trying to decide if my buddies are paying tribute or being copycats. Grats fellas
Marclah Awesome job to everyone involved!

Normal Highmaul Cleared!

Ghostti a posted Dec 29, 14

Congrats to the Prime raid for our first clear of Normal Highmaul! It was a great night of raiding as we also went on to clear 5/7 of heroic difficulty.

Pictured above: Haman, Valcourt, Damaci, Syrophenikan, Rayenna, Rakmar, Sniperwolf, Shyanda, Garum, Belt, Tinderfitles, Sonju, Inbev, Sunchip, Ourobir, Ghostti, Pradnil, Tanstaafl, Wildkarde, Makasi, Fybbs

Syrophenikan Roster Valcourt Haman Shyanda Syro Sunchip Inbev Pradnil Wildkarde Tanstaafl Belt Damaci Rayenna Garum Fybbs Rakmar Sonj ...
Merbear Congratulations to all! So happy for you.

New Raid Incoming!

Ghostti a posted Dec 2, 14

We are kicking off a new raid for normal mode raiding soon. Check out the announcement and details here.

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