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Ars Brute Squad is a World of Warcraft guild affiliated with the Ars Technica community. For more information, please see our Guild Policies.
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Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released World of Warcraft patch 6.0.3. Hotfixes are updates we make on our end without requiring you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes b...
Published Nov 22, 2014
This weekend marks World of Warcraft’s 10th anniversary, and we’d like to thank you for exploring Azeroth with us for all these years. To help celebrate, tomorrow we’re unleashing some great anniversary-themed in-game content for y...
Published Nov 22, 2014
Highmaul is the seat of power for the Gorian Empire, the ogre civilization that ruled Draenor for generations until the arrival of the draenei. A massive city that belies the ogre reputation for brutish stupidity, Highmaul is full of bus...
Published Nov 20, 2014
In this new video, World of Warcraft art director Chris Robinson gives you a glimpse at the delicate artistry involved in making the updated character models for Warlords of Draenor.
Published Nov 19, 2014
Update October 20, 2014 - All of the videos below have been updated for WoW 6.0. Want to leap into action with a new class at level 90 but not sure how to begin? In our new videos—one for each of WoW’s 11 classes—we’ll give you ...
Published Nov 18, 2014


Ghostti a posted Fri at 9:06
MC is back! We'll be attempting a (mostly) all Brute raid tonight at 8:30 pm server time. Drop us a note here if you can make it!

Donation Drive Complete

Ghostti a posted Oct 28, 14
That was fast! Our donation goal for website domain name renewal has been reached. Thanks to all who donated!

Fivetide I think I've only been fast enough to donate to one of these drives! Brutes > All!

It's time again for another donation drive. This time we are looking to renew our website domain name. If you can pitch in, check out our donation page.

Chubbseh Did I miss this shit again?
The Ventriloquist You like it fast.
Syrophenikan That was fast...

Your friendly Guild Master Valcourt here.  A new expansion is around the corner and we have important information about the coming expansion and the state of the guild. 

Please take a look:
State of the Guild: Warlords of Draenor

You are NOT prepared!

Valcourt posted Oct 13, 14
Patch 6.0.2 is live this week!  Prepare yourselves for lots of changes:

  • New Character Models
  • Class Changes
  • Stat Changes
  • Raid Difficulty Level Changes
  • New (old) 5-man Dungeon Upper Blackrock Spire!
  • Bag, Void Storage, and Bank Space Improvements
  • New Toy Box
  • Much more! - See MMO Champion for all the gory details.

If you are signed up for our first venture into Heroic (formerly normal) Siege of Orgrimmar, please make sure to update your addons and take a peak at the class transition guides posted on Icy Veins.

Entrails QQ to a macro spec. ...
Syrophenikan R.I.P DOT Snapshotting, I will miss you ;_;
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