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Ars Brute Squad is a World of Warcraft guild for members of the ArsTechnica community. We do not recruit from outside our community. For more information, please see our Policies.
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Published Apr 24, 2014
Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released World of Warcraft patch 5.4.7. Hotfixes are updates we make on our end without requiring you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes b...
Published Apr 23, 2014
Steel thyself, O mortal realm of Anaheim! The eighth BlizzCon is coming to your Convention Center this Friday, November 7 and Saturday, November 8, 2014. Prepare for two relentless days of Blizzard gaming and fellowship, including in-dep...
Published Apr 22, 2014
In the latest episode of WoW Source, Morgan Webb sits down with Lead Game Designer Ion Hazzikostas, Lead Class Designer Kris Zierhut, and Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka to discuss the PvP and class updates coming in Warlords of Draen...
Published Apr 22, 2014
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Published Apr 21, 2014

The Warlords of Draenor Alpha Patch Notes have been posted. There have been some pretty fundamental changes for certain aspects of the game, depending on your chosen roles, plus a plethora of class changes. Be sure to check it out for a preview of what's to come for your characters. Analysis has probably already begun at your favorite class-specific haunts.

Donation Drive Complete!

Ghostti a posted Jan 2, 14
Well that was quick! We reached our goal of 1 year on Enjin and then some. That concludes donations for this drive. Thanks to all who donated!

ABS Donation Drive 2014

Ghostti a posted Jan 1, 14
It's a new year and that means it's time for a website donation drive. Our current plan expires at the end of the month. Our goal will be a years worth of donations to keep the website running on Enjin. Every dollar counts so don't feel pressure to donate a lot.

Donate here and lets keep our site running for another year!

Liberators of Orgrimmar

Valcourt posted Dec 19, 13
Gary Kill

Congratulations to the Tue/Sun ABS Prime group for downing Garrosh. 

Left to right: Fybbs, Syrophenikan, Sniperwolf, Makasi, Haman, Valcourt, Kangaxx, Shyanda, Ourobir, Rakmar, and Sito (not pictured)

Thanks for all the hard work!
Sito I was tempted to try to photoshop sito in there somehow haha ;)

Congratulations to Valcourt, Haman, Chubbseh, Sniperwolf, and Makasi on completing all gold challenge modes!
Galahfray Gratz. I'm told you guys are working on another run, where do I go to sign up to join? I only need silver for the mounts ...
Nawkeen Nice! Congrats!
Sito Nicely done ...
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